Old Pots

admin May 15th

I was doing a bit of gardening today when I found that I had more flowers than pots. I went over to my potting shed to try to find some previously retired pots. What I found were some real treasures! Some of my favorite pots are the “tried and true” pots that I have had for years. Season after season, they are brought out onto my yard and deck to hold the latest batch of plantings. It seems like they become more attractive with age.

Old PotsAs I reflected on my old pots, I realized that my thoughts about pots (Hey! I’m a poet!) run parallel the my thoughts about homes. I love cool and quirky old homes! While everyone loves a big new custom home (including me!) there are some gems out there that often miss out. Sometimes the “Old School” architecture can’t be replicated. Here in Washington we have some great homes that once would have been considered country homes with awesome built ins, breezy patios, and clever designs.

Don’t overlook the old pots. They might be exactly what you are looking for!