Sellers FAQ

  • Why shouldn’t I price my house a little high, since I can always drop the price later?

    That’s a strategy that sounds good – but, in fact, is more likely to result in a lower price selling price for your Vancouver Washington home. Here’s why. The first 10 days a house is on the market is the time it will have the most activity. If that house is overpriced, it has to compete with houses at that higher price level, which are almost always larger with newer or more luxurious features.

    The overpriced home is unlikely to attract a buyer. Worse yet, those first weeks are when real estate agents will preview the house. If it’s overpriced, they may not even bother to show it to their buyers. Eventually, the seller will be forced to drop the price – and may end up with an even lower selling price because buyers will wonder why the house has been on the market so long.

  • What is meant by the term “contingency” in a sales contract?

    Sales contracts typically contain several “contingency” clauses, or stipulations that the sale is subject to. For example, with a mortgage contingency, if the buyer is unable to obtain financing within the specified timeframe, neither the buyer nor the seller is required to complete the purchase. Other contingencies include inspection issues and the purchaser’s need to sell a current home first.

  • How long is a home typically on the market?

    Real estate markets change weekly and the average time a home sits on the market can vary dramatically. Price, location and condition of the home play a major role in selling a home quickly and for the largest amount of money. When we see your home, we can give you an idea of how long you can expect to wait to find a buyer.

    The primary topic of concentration for now is to prepare your home to show and to price it accordingly. History shows us that the most effective time to sell your home is within the first 21 days it is listed. The more serious clients are apt to view and possibly purchase within that window.

  • Are short sales or foreclosures currently on the market?

    Yes, and they are affecting the prices of the homes in our Vancouver Washington real estate market. These homes have always been on the market. We account for these homes and their condition when we calculate the market analysis for your home. We will inform you of short sales and foreclosures in your area so that you will be able to make educated decisions regarding the sale of your home.

  • Do you charge for market analysis?

    There is no charge for a Comparative Market Analysis as this is a necessary tool for you to know more about the market in your area and to prepare us to assist you with what is one of the largest financial decisions you will make. The time spent for us to prepare this report not only gives us a picture of the main competition in your neighborhood, but it is an effective way to put together a specific strategy to help sell your home faster and at the largest amount of money. Please note that the CMA suggestive price will be based solely on the most current data available and that after meeting with you and touring your home we can get a more definitive price established.